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Installing individual components of MySnapper

The MySnapper installer package contains three components. These are:

  1. The MySnapper driver package – contains drivers which allow your computer to recognise and talk to the Snapper USB or the Snapper Feeder
  2. The Adobe AIR platform/application – the Adobe AIR platform allows MySnapper to run on PC or Mac
  3. The MySnapper application itself.

However, in some circumstances you may require the individual components of the packages. If you do, you’ve come to the right place. Here they are:

MySnapperDriverPackage-Vista-7-32bit.msi (for Windows Vista and 7 32bit OS)
MySnapperDriverPackage-Vista-7-64bit.msi (for Windows Vista and 7 64bit OS)

Adobe Air Runtime:
If you need the Air runtime, please download it from