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Missing transactions

Your online balance and transaction history are updated every day with the transactions that the Snapper system has received so far.

Buses upload their trip data each time they reach the end of a route, because of this your transaction history may not always be completely up to date. Just like your bank statement, sometimes a transaction record may have not been received yet. Every now and then, there may be a delay in a bus uploading trip data. When this happens, the data from that trip may not appear on your transaction history for a couple of days.

The great thing about the Snapper scheme is that the Snapper card itself  is where the master data is stored, so the balance on your Snapper is always up to date.  There are quite a few ways to get an up-to-date balance:

  • If you’re tagging on or off a bus and your balance is less than $12.00 you will hear the message “please check your balance”.  When you hear this message, your balance is displayed on the lower half of the bus reader in green.
  • Use an Android NFC smartphone with the free Snapper Mobile app from Google Play.
  • Use the iOS app
  • Check your real-time balance on a Snapper Kiosk or at a Snapper retailer, find your nearest one.