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Have you heard? Snapper Feeders are now half price!

Comment (25) Blog published on 31 October 2012 by Admin

Snapper Feeders are now only $20 when purchased online through the Snapper Store and Snapper HQ – that’s 50% off!

The Snapper Feeder is an easy to use USB device that plugs straight into your PC or Mac. When used with the free and secure MySnapper application, you’ll be able to check the real-time balance and top up any Snapper instantly using you credit card (with no top up fee!)– all this from at home or at work – pretty handy, huh?

Need some more information? Check out the Snapper Feeder page on this great deal.







This promotion has now finished – the new permanent Snapper Feeder price is $25.

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25 Responses to Have you heard? Snapper Feeders are now half price!

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  1. Hi

    This is a great deal.

    Please tell me that I can use a Feeder to top up my Hop card? It’s one of the purple Hop cards.


    • Hi,

      Yes, with the Snapper Feeder you can instantly can top up the purple Hop card that has the Snapper logo on it.


  2. Hi

    Why does the snapper store show a price of $40 NZD instead of $20?

    • Hi Leonardo,

      I think you might be looking at the Snapper USB rather than the Snapper Feeder – if you scroll further down the page you will see the Snapper Feeder for $20.


  3. Hi, can we just go to snapper HQ and buy for $20? Do we need to buy online first then head to HQ?

    • Hi J,

      You can also buy a Feeder at Snapper HQ for $20 (you won’t need to buy online first if you drop by) http://www.snapper.co.nz/contact-us/


  4. When will the 50% off Snapper Feeders be available till?

    • Hi Kara,

      The 50% off Snapper Feeders is a permanent offer. Is that cool or what?!


    • Oh wow, yay. Thats awesome haha. Will definitely buy one soon. Am kinda sick of having to top up at the shop. Sometimes I catch an early bus but the dairy isnt open before 8.30am. Inconvenient. I will be happy from now on with a Snapper feeder.

  5. I have a snapper feeder, and it works fine. However my understanding is that it won’t work with the new AT Hop card, so come sometime in 2013, it will be useless. If this is correct, then surely they should be withdrawn from sale now.

    • Hi Bruce,

      That is great to hear that you are happy with your Snapper Feeder. The Feeder works with any card that has a Snapper logo on it. Snapper can be used for more than just public transport in Auckland (in taxis and in retailers) and we believe there will be many more uses to come in the future.


  6. Will one feeder work for both Mac & Windows?

    • Hi Deborah,

      Yes, a Snapper Feeder is both Mac and Windows compatible.


  7. I buy Get About 30 day bus passes from my local outlet. If I buy a new pass a couple of days before my current bus pass expires, the snapper place loads the new pass onto my card, and the new pass remains ‘not validated’ until the other pass expires. If I buy the snapper feeder, will it do the same thing ie if my current pass hasn’t expired and I buy a new pass a few days before my current pass expires, will the snapper feeder automatically keep the new pass invalidated until the current pass expires? Thanks

  8. Do any shops stock the feeder within the Wgtn CBD or online only?

    • Hi John,

      The deal is only available online through the Snapper store https://www.snapper.co.nz/snapper-store/ (the Snapper Feeder is located at the bottom of the page under ‘Snapper accessories’) or from Snapper HQ – Level 8, Kordia House, 109-125 Willis Street.


  9. Hi there :) What is the difference between the Snapper USB and the Snapper Feeder?

    • Hi Abbey,

      The Snapper USB works like any other Snapper and you can top it up using MySnapper (Please note, you can’t top up other Snappers with this).

      The Snapper Feeder is an accessory that allows you to top up any Snapper using MySnapper .

      Hope this helps,


  10. if i got a snapper feeder do i have to have a credit card to top it up?

    • Hi Sharon,

      You can top up with any (New Zealand) VISA or MasterCard credit card, or VISA debit card.


  11. Can I buy one using my snapper card

    • Hi Howard,

      If you drop by Snapper HQ – Level 8 Kordia House, 109-125 Willis Street (http://www.snapper.co.nz/contact-us/) you’ll be able to buy a Snapper Feeder for $20 with your Snapper card.


  12. Hi,

    I bought my snapper feeder on 31 Oct 2012. It was working fine until this morning I tried to top up my snapper it won’t detect my snapper feeder. I updated the latest software and also tried on different computers but still could not detect my device.

    I would expect that a snapper feeder will last more then 3 months right ….but it doesn’t : (

    • Hi Chris,

      If you are in Wellington please bring your Feeder to Snapper HQ (Level 8 Kordia House, 109-125 Willis Street) so we can have a look http://www.snapper.co.nz/snapper-service-centres/

      If you are unable to drop by Snapper HQ, please email info@snapper.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 555 345 and we’ll arrange another way to get this sorted.


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