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Snapper To Enter Auckland Market in 2010, Targets Rugby World Cup for Comprehensive Integrated Ticketing.

Comment (12) Blog published on 1 December 2009 by seanhigham

I Snapper NZ No Border

Here at Snapper HQ we’re really excited to be able to announce our plans to launch the world-class Snapper solution in Auckland in 2010. Snapper CEO, Miki Szikszai says “Entering the Auckland market now is critical to having a well-established nationwide system in time for Rugby World Cup 2011.”


Snapper – New Zealand’s leading contactless ticketing and payment system – today announced it will be widely available in the Auckland market in 2010, offering its small-value payments platform across the retail sector and for most public transport journeys.

From mid 2010 some Auckland buses will progressively begin accepting Snapper cards, and the technology can readily be extended to other public transport modes before the Rugby World Cup.

This means that more than half of all Auckland commuters will be able to pay for their journey by using a Snapper card, and the company will be working to extend its coverage further.

Snapper says it would be possible to have integrated ticketing on 90% of Auckland public transport in time for the Rugby World Cup, and is willing to work closely with the Auckland Regional Transport Authority to help achieve this goal.

Snapper is extending its system that has been widely successful in the Wellington and Hutt Valley region where it is used to pay for everyday items such as bus fares, train tickets (from the ticket booth), coffee, lunch, dry cleaning and movies.

Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper says, “Snapper is a proven world class smartcard solution that has been localised for the New Zealand market. We’ve brought together the best technology in the world and New Zealand’s electronic payments and public transport systems. Aucklanders are overdue the benefits of Snapper, something that Wellingtonians have been enjoying for over a year.”

The company has worked with its key partners, including Korean Smart Card Corporation (KSCC) ANZ National and EFTPOS NZ, to deliver an integrated ticketing and payments platform to suit New Zealanders.

“KSCC is our core technology provider. The same system processes 30 million transactions every day in Seoul, South Korea, across enormous public transport and retail networks. We know it can cope with whatever the New Zealand market requires.”
“Snapper has also been integrated into New Zealand’s existing electronic payment system through EFTPOS NZ. The success to date from leveraging the EFTPOS infrastructure that retailers rely on every day, provides confidence that Snapper has combined KSCC’s international best practice in card and systems security with the surety and reliability of NZ’s EFTPOS system.”

Peter McLeod, MD of EFTPOS NZ says “Snapper is an exciting step towards a full cashless payment suite for New Zealanders. EFTPOS NZ has worked closely with Snapper since early 2008 getting the system up and running in Wellington. It’s great to now be able to offer this to the Auckland region and the rest of New Zealand.”

Snapper’s launch in Auckland will initially involve a range of bus services including NZ Bus’s extensive fleet. These services account for most buses in the Auckland region and more than half of all public transport trips. Snapper offers the ability to provide discounted and integrated fares which operators can then implement as they choose, and use the same smartcard for small-value everyday retail purchases.

The existing ticketing system in our fleet is nearing the end of its life,” says Bruce Emson, CEO NZ Bus. “We will be in a position to deliver an electronic ticketing solution in time for the World Cup 2011.”

“The existing system is 17 years old. We can wait no longer. This is about business continuity – if we do nothing, we face the risk of our system failing,” says Mr Emson. “There are obvious benefits from introducing a product we have been working with in the Wellington market. We are assured by our supplier that our ticketing system will be able to comply with NZTA’s national standard for integrated ticketing when this standard is determined,” says Mr Emson.

Snapper will open an Auckland office in the New Year.

Miki Szikszai says, “Snapper has been a great success in Wellington and we’re truly the only open contactless payments platform operating in the New Zealand market. Entering the Auckland market now is critical to having a well-established nationwide system in time for Rugby World Cup 2011.

“We are working to a plan that will make Snapper available to all New Zealanders and visitors to New Zealand well before Rugby World Cup 2011. Snapper is the quickest and most cost effective way for Aucklanders to get a world class integrated ticketing system across buses, taxis, ferries and trains without ratepayers and taxpayers needing to pay for any of the system that supports it.

“Snapper continues to work closely with regional and central government to make sure that this happens. We are committed to developing a nationwide specification for New Zealand, and we are heavily engaged with NZTA to deliver an open national standard for integrated ticketing. We have no doubt that the industry can achieve this.
“As a New Zealand company we’re proud to be delivering a world class product, quickly and efficiently across the country without involving substantial ratepayer or taxpayer funding or risk.”

Snapper has created a brand new payment sector in New Zealand, based on small value payments using contactless smartcards. Nearly 100,000 Snappers have been issued, generating over 15 million transactions, across over 400 buses and 180 retailers in New Zealand. Snapper offers customers integrated ticketing and instant small value payments. The Snapper system is 99.99% accurate, providing valuable journey data that can be used to plan better transport services for passengers.

Issued by Snapper Services Ltd 01/12/09. For further information please phone:

Miki Szikszai, Snapper Services Limited, 027 4464 303  ?www.snapper.co.nz

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12 Responses to Snapper To Enter Auckland Market in 2010, Targets Rugby World Cup for Comprehensive Integrated Ticketing.

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  3. snapper into AKLD 2010

  4. I think it’s great that Auckland will be entering the Snapper world. Then if one of us Wellingtonions goes up there we won’t have to worry about bus tickets bulking up our handbags or pockets. Also it will make travelling around NZ using public transport heaps easier.

    • Thanks for the support Eilish.

      Over time Snapper will get even more clutter out your wallet/handbag/pockets. We’ll be announcing some new ways to use Snapper over the next few months, so stay tuned.


  5. Hi, any idea when snapper will be in auckland ?

    Will be able to have our monthly/weekly/multi-journey fares loaded on them just like our go-riders.

    It would be a real turn-off entering Auckland with stored value system like Wellingtons.

    Am looking forward to a new card though, as our chip go-riders often fail us (at random) heheh

    • Hi Undercover_Raro

      Snapper will be on Auckland buses in the second half of this year. We will make an announcement here (and elsewhere) when we closer to the launch date.

      Snapper can certainly provide monthly/weekly/multi-journey fares. It is up to the bus operators which of these products they will offer. There are a lot of fare options in Auckland and this could be made much simpler while retaining good value for money for you, the passenger.

      Snapper is helping where we can to simplify things, and stored value is just one option that works really well for some customers. Can you tell us what it is about stored value that does not work for you?

      We are really looking forward to providing a great service in Auckland – thanks for your support.


  6. Hi gabor

    I am looking forward to Snapper comming.

    The Tagging on and Tagging off will be good, (as long as the driver has updated his GPS fare stage on his ETA (mind you not sure how Wellington works, maybe automated (if they have newer machines) but our drivers manually change the fare stages up here.

    Um I fell stored value is good only for the casual user or for people that say catch a bus 2 or 3 times a week, which give them a little bit of freedom of losing all that travel if they had bought I monthly. I travel on buses 7 days a week, so stored value doesnt work for me as I often hgave to keep topping up every 2nd day just to travel.

    10 Rides are ok if your only doing 1-3 stages aweek (yes you get a bit of discount) but but are a little more restricted.

    If you say have your Weekly/Monthly tickets loaded onto the cards atleast you know if your a regular traveller (work or school everyday of the week) + a few trips on the weekends etc, your fare is already sorted and you dont have to worry about frind that little bit extra just to top up the card. so you can travel. It gives people some certaintly.

    Not sure how day passes would work though, but im sure if you tol the driver you wanted a Bus-about- Pass (NZ buses in auckland) in sure the pass could be loaded for the days travel. so you just tag on tag off and pay no more then the Day pass.

    • @Undercover_Raro

      Snapper has an automatic system so drivers dont have to manually change stop location. Wellington drivers had the same system as you do in Auckland currently which required manual intervention.

      We hear you on the regular traveller front. As Gabor said, we do have pass products available – for instance in the Hutt Valley they are used on Runcimans services fo monthly and term use. Our products are flexible enough to be configured for peak/off peak, number of days etc etc. And the Auckland bus operators have said they would like to continue using these types of products. We will know closer to the time what they want to actually launch with.

      The day pass product is a variant on capping – we think capping is a great service, bus operators remain a little wary of it. I think as they become more familiar with the new system we will see this type of product being embraced for sheer ease of use and peace of mind.



  7. Will it be valid on Howick and Eastern or Ritchies? Or the Airport 380? Or Urbane Xpiss?

  8. Will it be valid on Howick and Eastern, Ritchies or Urbane Xpress?

    • Hi Kelly

      At this stage the operators that have announced they will be installing Snapper are the NZBus group – North Star, MetroLink, Link Bus, Go West and Waka Pacific.

      As other operators come on board we’ll let you know.



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