Check your transactions

Check your balance and latest transactions online

Enter your card number to check your balance and transactions online. Please be aware that your online balance and transaction history are updated daily with the transactions that the Snapper system has received so far. For a real-time balance and transactions, use the iOS or Android mobile apps,  or at a Snapper retailer.

The online transaction history is limited to the last 20 transactions, and for privacy reasons some information is not shown. For a more detailed view please contact Snapper customer care.

Got a mobile phone?

If you have an Android NFC smartphone or iPhone 7/iOS 13 and above you can download our companion app and access all your account information as well as check your balance, view your transaction history and top up on-the-go. 

Download from Google Play or the App store



No mobile phone?

Ask a Snapper retailer – find your nearest Snapper retailer and ask them for a print-out of your latest transactions.