Topping up

Snapper provides several options for topping up your card, whether you’re at home or out and about. Every top-up is collected instantly at the time of purchase – no waiting, no delays. You can top up a Snapper to a maximum balance of $300, just make sure that it’s registered to ensure your balance is safe.

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Buying a Snapper card

You can buy a Snapper loaded up with credit online right now and we’ll mail it to you, or head to your nearest Snapper retailer to buy one in-store. If your school has Snapper in your school ID, you may already have a Snapper!

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Where to use Snapper

You can use Snapper to pay for your fares on Metlink buses and trains. Check out the specific transport page to find out more about where, how and what discounts are available.

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Get on board with Snapper

Need help using your Snapper on the bus?

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Get on track with Snapper

Need help using your Snapper on rail?

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