Child concessions

Children travelling on Metlink services have access to a range of fare discounts dependent on their age and schooling status. These concessions can be added to a Snapper card to automatically be charged the correct fare when tagging on and off.

These concessions are not available on independent commercial services. For fares and discounts on these services, please contact your service provider.

NOTE: Children under the age of 5 do not require a Snapper card, and can travel for free with a guardian who is at least 10 years old.


Child Under 13 Free PassĀ 

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 can have a pass loaded to their green Snapper card, allowing them to travel without any charge when tagging on and off.

In order to access these free fares, the child must:

  1. Have a green (child) Snapper card
  2. Have had an application made via the below link to load the free pass to their card
  3. Have had the pass collected to their card (by scanning the card on the Snapper app, or at a Snapper kiosk or retailer)
  4. Activate the pass by successfully tagging on and off.


This free pass will expire 180 days after first loaded, and can be added back onto the card at that point by repeating the steps above. If the card is registered, an email will be sent to the registration email with a reminder when the expiry date is nearing.

More details can be found on this concession by visiting the Concessions section in our FAQs.


Child Secondary School Concession


From the age of 13, children are eligible for discounted travel until they finish secondary school or turn 19 (whichever comes later). Full details on what these discounted fares are can be found at Metlink.

These child fares can be accessed by simply using a green Snapper card. These will always be charged Child concession fares when being used to tag on and off, and do not expire. They can be purchased from our web store, or a Snapper retailer/Service Centre (such as the Wellington Railway Station Information Centre).

Combined Student ID/Snapper cards

Some schools get their school ID cards printed onto Snapper cards. As of 2020, these are printed onto green Snapper cards and therefore have a Child Concession that does not expire*.

Schools which currently use Snapper student ID cards:

  • Te Ara Whanui Kura Kaupapa Maori
  • Samuel Marsden Collegiate School
  • Taita College
  • Rongotai College
  • Queen Margaret College
  • Raphael House Rudolf Steiner
  • Onslow College
  • Wellington East Girls College
  • Wellington High School

*There are still Student ID cards in use that were printed pre-2020 on the original red Snapper cards. If the concession on your Student ID has expired, we recommend you request a replacement ID from your school, to receive one printed on a green Snapper.