Community Connect concessions

50% discount for Community Services Card holders

If you’re a Community Services Card holder, you can access a public transport concession that gives you a 50% discount on adult fares for Metlink bus and rail services.

In order to receive the discount fare, the concession needs to be applied to a Snapper card. Please see the below instructions on how to do this.

Who can get a Community Services Card?

To find out if you can get a Community Services Card and how you can apply, please visit the Work and Income website.

Applying for a Community Connect concession

You can apply for the Community Connect concession at the form below:


If you require any extra assistance to complete the application, please call Metlink’s Contact Centre on 0800 801 700.

To apply for the Community Connect concession, you will need:

  • Your Community Services Card client number*
  • Your red Snapper card

Apply using your existing Snapper card, or receive a free Snapper card from Metlink. For more information on getting a free Snapper card, call Metlink on 0800 801 700 or visit the Metlink concession page.

*If you have a Community Services Card, your client number can be found on the front of your card. If you have a combined SuperGold/Community Services Card, your client number is on the back (see example pictures below).

Community Services Card   SuperGold/Community Services Card
An image of the front of a Community Services Card, with the client number at the bottom-left, circled. An image of the back of a SuperGold/Community Services Card, with the client number shown on the left in the middle above the barcode, circled.

Using a Community Connect concession

For your concession to be applied to your fare, just tag on, and tag off using your Snapper card as normal. To show that the discounted fare has been applied, the readers will beep twice, and display “CONNECT” (as shown in the images below). Check out how to tag on and off the Snapper readers for bus and rail.

Bus card reader screen   Rail card reader screen


Please make sure to always travel with your Community Services Card as proof of concession, as you may be asked to present this to Metlink staff.


Concession expiry

Once your concession application has been approved you will be presented with a page confirming your concession expiry. Your concession will be valid until the expiry date of your Community Services Card.

If your Community Services Card expires and you receive a replacement, you will need to use this new card to reapply for the Community connect connection on your Snapper card.

As long as your Snapper card is registered, you will receive notice via email that your expiry date is approaching, so that you can make the appropriate arrangements. You can find information on renewing your Community Services Card, here.

Create an account and register your Snapper card here.
Register your Snapper card to an existing account here.