Topping up

Discover the Snapper top-up option that best suits you.
You can top up a Snapper to a maximum balance of $300, just make sure that it’s registered to ensure your balance is safe.

Snapper iOS

Apple users with iPhone 7/iOS 15 and above can sign in to their existing Snapper account, then scan a Snapper card to instantly top up, check a card balance and more.

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Snapper Android

Available on Android NFC smartphones via Google Play, the Snapper Mobile app is the ultimate companion to your Snapper card.

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Snapper kiosk

Snapper kiosks are self-service and provide a free and convenient way to check your balance or top up.

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Snapper retailer

Snapper retailers provide a service enabling you to:

• Top up
• Check your balance
• Buy a travel pass
• Collect a token or credit/refund
• Purchase Snapper cards.

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Kiosk and retail locations

Visit our locations page to view locations of Snapper kiosks and retailers

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