Snapper Frequently asked questions What do I do if my concession expires?

What do I do if my concession expires?

Child concessions

In order to receive child fares, you will need to use a Green Snapper card. These will always receive a Child concession and do not expire. You can purchase one from our web store, or a Snapper retailer.

Student ID Snapper cards are now (as of 2020) printed on Green Snapper cards and therefore do not expire. However, there are still Student ID cards in use that were printed on Red Snapper cards. If the concession on your Student ID has expired, we recommend you request a replacement ID from your school, to receive one printed on a Green Snapper (there may be a cost associated with this – check with your school).

Tertiary concessions

Your concession remains valid as long as you meet the Metlink eligibility conditions. If you believe your concession has incorrectly expired, please contact your tertiary education provider to discuss this with them.

Accessible concessions

If your concession has expired and you receive an Accessible Concession via the Te Hunga Whaikaha Total Mobility scheme, please contact Metlink.

If you receive an Accessible Concession via being a client of Blind Low Vision NZ, you can call the Snapper Customer Care team on 0800 555 345, and we’ll be happy to look into it for you.

Community Connect concessions

If your Community Connect concession has expired, you’ll first and foremost need to get in touch with Work and Income, to renew your Community Services Card.  Community Services Cards can take 3 weeks to be replaced, so it’s useful to make sure you order a new one in advance. Once you have your new Community Services Card, you can reapply for your Community Connect concession with us, here.