Snapper Frequently asked questions Bus reader sounds and messages

Bus reader sounds and messages

Successful adult tag on/off.

Beep beep:
Successful concession tag on/off.

Please try again:
The reader didn’t quite catch your card.  Please touch card to the reader again.

Please check your balance:
You have less than $12.00 of Snapper credit remaining.  Time to top up.

Please pay the driver:
You do not have sufficient card balance to tag on with.

More than one card detected:
The reader is picking up signals from other cards in your wallet or purse.  Try moving your Snapper to the other side of your wallet, or take it out, to tag on/off.

Transfer applied:
A reduced fare is applied because you are getting a transfer discount.

Penalty applied:
You have been charged the ‘default fare’- most likely for not tagging off on your previous trip. For more information  please see “What is a penalty”.

Please take your ticket:
Cash fare ticket has been printed.

Please tag on at the front:
You have tried to tag on a rear validator.  Make your way to the front entrance of the bus to tag on.