Snapper Frequently asked questions What is the default/penalty fare on rail?

What is the default/penalty fare on rail?

The default/penalty fare will depend on which Station you tag on at. 

The amount charged will be a Snapper fare for the longest possible travel from the tag-on station to a maximum of $10 for adults, $2.50 for children, $5 for passengers with Accessible, Community Connect and Young Adult concessions, and $7.50 for passengers with a Tertiary concession.  

Any default/penalty fare will come off your Snapper balance the next time you tag on a bus, rail or cable car trip. If you do not have enough balance on your card to cover the default/penalty fare, you will be unable to tag on until your card is topped up with sufficient credit.

If you think you’ve been unfairly penalized, just use this web form to get in touch with us, and we’ll happily look into it for you.