Using Snapper on the bus

Snapper is the electronic smart card payment option for the Greater Wellington Region. Whether you are using the bus to travel every day or just occasionally Snapper is a great way to pay. Just tag on when you board, and tag off again at the end of your trip. Snapper has been making bus travel in Wellington a breeze since 2008, making thousands of peoples’ daily travel quicker and easier.

Snapper is a smart way to pay because:

  • it’s convenient – no need to fumble around for cash in your pocket or wallet. There are many ways to top up your Snapper card and you can register your card to protect your Snapper balance if your card is lost or stolen
  • it’s cheaper – you’ll pay at least 25% more using cash than with a Snapper card
  • it’s faster than cash – no need to tell the bus driver your destination, or to wait for the ticket or change. Just tag on and off with your Snapper – but please do still take the time to say kia ora to the driver!

Buses that use Snapper

Snapper is available on all Metlink buses in the Greater Wellington Region.

  • Wairarapa bus routes
  • Hutt Valley bus routes
  • Kapiti Coast bus routes
  • Porirua bus routes
  • Wellington bus routes

For more information about the Metlink bus routes available in your area visit the Metlink website.


Buses that do NOT use Snapper

Mana, NZ Bus and New Zealand Coach Services (NCS) will provide some commercial routes (listed below) that are independent of Metlink’s Greater Wellington regional bus network. As independent commercial services, the fares and ticketing of these transport companies may differ from Metlink services.

Check out the full list of independent services that do not use Snapper here.


How to use Snapper on the bus

You need to tag on and off the bus using the Snapper card readers to ensure you are charged the correct discount fare.

Check out how to get on board with Snapper


Travel passes on the bus

As well as loading your Snapper with cash, you can purchase of travel passes to use on the bus.

Check out more information about travel passes here.