Checking your balance

Snapper is different from a bank card, where you can log into an account and see the transaction you’ve just performed.

Your online Snapper balance and transaction history are updated approximately every 4 hours (this can sometimes take up to 12 hours) with any transactions that the Snapper system has received.

Your Snapper card itself records every successful transaction made on the card, so you can be sure the balance on your card is always up-to-date.

There are quite a few ways to get an up-to-date balance:

  • Snapper mobile app with an NFC capable Android phone, or iPhone 7/iOS 13 and above.
  • Snapper retailer, Service Centre or one of our kiosks; locations can be found using the locations map.

Bus Reader: If your balance is less than $12.00, you will hear the message “Please check your balance”.  This will be displayed on the lower right-hand side.

Checking your balance on the bus

Your balance will be displayed on the card readers if your balance is less than $12.00.

When tagging on the bus it will display on the card reader, in the lower right-hand corner. Your balance will display again in the lower right-hand corner, along with your fare when you tag off the bus. When tagging off you will be prompted with the message “Please check your balance”.

Checking your balance at a retailer

To check your balance at a Snapper retailer, ask the retailer to perform a “card inquiry”. This will display your real-time balance on the screen, or you can ask the retailer to print you out a receipt.

Find your nearest Snapper retailer using our locations map.


To check your balance on a kiosk, place your card on the card reader and wait for the card balance to appear on the kiosk screen.

Find your nearest kiosk by using our locations map.

Snapper Mobile

Snapper Mobile is available for NFC-capable Android phones, and iPhone 7/iOS 13 and above.

Following the in-app instructions, scan your Snapper card by holding it to the back of your phone. Your card number, balance, and top-up option will appear.