Snapper Frequently asked questions Getting a top-up receipt

Getting a top-up receipt

Part of what makes Snapper such a fast and convenient system is that it is electronic and does not issue paper-based tax invoices and receipts. A Snapper top-up is a transfer of money from one form to another, and not an actual purchase that attracts GST. In this way, a Snapper top-up is just like withdrawing cash from your bank account at an ATM.

If you require a GST receipt for when you pay with Snapper, we recommend that you register your Snapper and use the online transaction record for your business expense claim. You can even export your transaction records into .OFX format so that it can easily be imported into popular expense claim applications such as Xero.

It is also worth noting that there is no requirement for a GST tax invoice for purchases under $50. So for small purchases and bus transactions, your transaction record will suffice for tax and tracking your spend.

If you make a payment of over $50 using your Snapper, ask the retailer for a tax invoice at the time you purchase, just as you would if you paid by cash, EFTPOS, or credit card.