Snapper Frequently asked questions How do I transfer my balance to another card?
An image showing a little person carrying a dollar sign from one Snapper card to another.

How do I transfer my balance to another card?

If you need to transfer your Snapper balance (along with any travel pass or concession), to another card, you’ll need to block your current Snapper card. To block your card, just use the form here.

Once you’ve blocked your Snapper card, you’ll be emailed a 9-digit token with instructions on how to transfer any remaining balance and passes to an alternative Snapper card.

Once you’ve collected the balance on another Snapper card, your old card will be permanently blocked and cannot be used again.

If you change your mind (i.e. you find your lost card before you’ve collected the balance to another card), just get back in touch with us and we’ll happily unblock it for you – this may take up to 24 hours to update in the system.

How do I use my transfer token?