Snapper Frequently asked questions Forgetting to tag off with a travel pass

Forgetting to tag off with a travel pass

Snapper customers using Metlink travel passes will still be charged a penalty fare when using their travel pass on the bus services and within the zone(s) in which it is valid.

This is because the product being used to pay for the travel (i.e. travel pass or e-purse) is selected at the point of tag off, to assess the best option for the trip that has been taken.

Travel passes are loaded onto a standard Snapper. If you have an active travel pass but also want to travel on other services that the travel pass doesn’t cover (e.g. Airport Express), you’ll need to tag on and tag off, and the correct fare will be deducted from the credit on your Snapper.

Tagging on and off every Snapper service is the best way to make sure you get charged the correct fare for your travel, regardless of which Snapper product you’ve bought.