Snapper Frequently asked questions Why has the Metlink Transport Officer said my card wasn’t tagged on?

Why has the Metlink Transport Officer said my card wasn’t tagged on?

From time to time, a Metlink ‘Transport Officer’ may ask to scan your Snapper card to ensure it was used to tag on before boarding the train.

The Transport Officer will use an app to scan your card, which will display either “card tagged on” or “no tag on.”

If your card has shown a “no tag on” result – but you believe you did tag on, feel free to have a read through these trouble-shooting directions to see if that helps you get to the bottom of it.

Are you using a first-generation Snapper?

This may look like a regular Snapper card, but with no “+” in the corner, and no 3-digit CVV number on the back. These cards are not compatible with the Transport Officer app, and will show a “no tag on” result even if it was used to tag on. Check out this page for more information on first generation Snapper cards.


Did you tag on more than 90 minutes before starting your trip?

Your card will only be recognised as having tagged on for this current trip, if it was in the last 90 minutes. Make sure to only tag on just before you board.

Did you scan your card more than once?

If a card is scanned a second time, between 10 seconds and 15 minutes after the first scan, the platform card reader will tag you off at no charge.

Common error messages

Did you see a red screen, and hear “beedoo”?

A red screen will display if your tag on has declined. This means you will be unable to tag on with this card. Reasons this may have occurred include:
– The card is blocked
– The card has a pending penalty of a higher value than the card’s credit balance
– The card is in an IOU state (negative credit balance)

The screen will provide you with information on the reason behind the decline.

Did you see an amber screen, and hear “beedoo, please try again”?

The card needs to be held flat and still against the card reader in order to tag on successfully. Make sure you hold it still, and wait for the green screen.

Did you see an amber screen, and hear “beedoo, more than one card detected”?

Other cards can sometimes interfere with the card reader. Make sure you’re holding your Snapper card fish-to-fish, and waiting for the screen to go green.

You can see examples of these error screens, here.

If none of these things apply, and you’re still unsure why your card displayed a “no tag on” result, feel free to get in touch with Snapper Customer Care.