Snapper News Do You Have a First-Generation Snapper Card?
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Do You Have a First-Generation Snapper Card?

Kia ora, Snapper users.

Over the years, as our technology has gotten older and wiser, our cards have been upgraded to keep up with the changing technical requirements  for providing a great Snapper service.

That said,  we’re aware that some first-generation Snapper cards are still in loyal use. These early models of the Snapper card are no longer in retail circulation, and are not as well-supported as the new model.

While these cards can perform the basics, they do have their limitations and are getting left behind by some of the newer developments on the Snapper network.

For example, unfortunately first-generation Snapper cards can run into issues on the mobile apps, do not work on the Cable Car, and they’re not supported by the technology used to check Snapper Rail tag-ons.

How do I know if I have a first-generation Snapper card?

First-generation Snapper cards can come in a couple of forms.

Snapper “Sprats” are a small, key-chain style Snapper that are white with the wording “I [Snapper logo] NZ” on them. The regular first-generation Snapper cards are identifiable by the fact that they do not have a “+” symbol in the top right corner, nor do they have a 3-digit CVV number at the end of the card number.

The good news?

You can swap your first-generation Snapper card out for a newer model, for free! We’ll even help you transfer your balance, as well as any concessions or passes, to your new card.


Snapper Support locations

Wellington i-SITE Visitor Centre
111 Wakefield Street, Wellington
Upper Hutt i-SITE Visitor Centre
836 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt


Alternatively, simply get in touch with the Snapper Customer Care team, and we’ll arrange the new card for you.

We look forward to helping you upgrade.