Snapper Frequently asked questions Card not reading on iOS app

Card not reading on iOS app

The Snapper iOS app needs to be used in conjunction with your Snapper card.  

  • Make sure you are logged in to your Snapper account  
  • Follow the prompts to open the card scanner  
  • Hold your Snapper card flat to the top, back of your iPhone. Reading the card may take a few seconds.  

 If you’re still having issues reading your Snapper card, try the following: 

  • If your iPhone is in a thick case, or your Snapper card is in a plastic sleeve, try removing these and following the above steps again. 
  • Check your Snapper card doesn’t have any visible damage as this can prevent the card from working properly. If your card is damaged or faulty it will not work with the app or with the on-bus card readers. Please get in touch with the Snapper team if you believe your card is faulty.
  • The Snapper iOS app is compatible with iPhone 7/iOS 13 and above. Older Snapper cards (without a + in the top right corner) or Snapper Sprats may not work with this app. If you experience problems with your old Snapper card, please get in touch and we will swap out your old Snapper for a new one. This app is designed for use in conjunction with Snapper cards to pay as you go for travel in Wellington. Snapper RideBank cards should continue to be managed through the existing RideBank app. 

If you are still having trouble getting your phone to read your card, try some of the suggestions shown below:

1. Try holding your card flat against the top, front of your phone (instead of at the back, top).

Card being held at the front, top of the phone with the phone scanner open

2. Try tilting your phone at a 45 degree angle against your card. This can also be done by placing your card on a flat surface as in the image and video below.

Snapper card flat on the table with the top of the phone held at a 45 degree angle against it