Snapper Frequently asked questions Updating/removing a credit card in the iOS app

Updating/removing a credit card in the iOS app

Currently you can only replace an existing saved credit or debit card with another. However, after four  unsuccessful attempts to enter your 4-digit pin, existing saved credit card details will be removed from the app.   

Follow the steps below to update your credit/debit card details.


Step 1.

Open the scan icon and scan your Snapper card 


Step 2.

Select the top-up amount on the dial and then confirm top-up 

Step 3.

On the payment detail screen, tap on Replace card (next to the credit card details)This will direct you to a new screen to enter the new credit/debit card details. 

Step 4.

Update bank card details and tap on Replace card at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 5.

Create a new 4-digit pin and then reconfirm.