Snapper Frequently asked questions How do I update/remove a credit card in the iOS app?

How do I update/remove a credit card in the iOS app?

Currently you can only replace an existing saved credit or debit card with another. However, after four  unsuccessful attempts to enter your 4-digit pin, existing saved credit card details will be removed from the app.   

Follow the steps below to update your credit/debit card details.

Please note when you save a new payment card on the app, a $1.00 hold will be placed on your credit card. The hold is to validate the credit card and will be reversed within a week.


Step 1.

Open the scan icon and scan your Snapper card 

'Open scanner' page on the Snapper iOS app.


Step 2.

Select the top-up amount on the dial and then confirm top-up 

Top-page of the Snapper app on an iPhone

Step 3.

On the payment detail screen, tap on Replace card (next to the credit card details)This will direct you to a new screen to enter the new credit/debit card details. 

Payment screen of the iOS app with an arrow pointing to the 'Replace card' button

Step 4.

Update bank card details and tap on Replace card at the bottom of the screen. 

'Enter credit card details' page of the Snapper iOS app.

Step 5.

Create a new 4-digit pin and then reconfirm. 

'Create new pin' page of the Snapper iOS app