Snapper Frequently asked questions How do I top up with the iOS app?

How do I top up with the iOS app?

Follow the steps below for help topping up your Snapper iOS app.


Step 1.

Log in to your Snapper account using the iOS app. 

Step 2.

Follow the prompts to open the card scanner.


Step 3.

Hold your Snapper card flat to the top, back of your iPhone.

Reading the card may take a few seconds.

Once it has successfully scanned, the card can be removed.


Step 4.

Use the dial to select your top-up amount, OR tap in the middle of the dial to type in your preferred top-up amount.

You can top up a minimum of $1 and to the maximum Snapper balance of $300.  


Step 5.

Enter your payment details.

You can choose to link your payment card to your account and create a PIN for future use.


Step 6.

The card scanner will automatically reopen. 

Hold your Snapper card to the back of your phone again to collect your top-up.

View your top-up

Your top up will be displayed at the top of your transactions list in the ‘Card info’ tab.

Your new balance will be displayed at the top of the page.