Snapper Frequently asked questions Blocking a Snapper card
An image of a grey Snapper card with a person standing next to it.

Blocking a Snapper card

Blocking a Snapper card comes in handy in a couple of instances; if you’ve lost your Snapper card and want to prevent anyone from using the balance, and/or if you need to transfer your balance/any travel passes or concessions to a different Snapper card. To block your card, just use the form here. 

Once you’ve blocked your Snapper card to protect your balance, you’ll be emailed a 9-digit token with instructions on how to transfer any remaining balance and passes to your new Snapper card. You can collect this token using the Snapper Mobile app, or at any Snapper kiosk or retailer. 

Once you’ve collected the balance to a new Snapper card, your old card will be permanently blocked and cannot be used again. If you find your card before you’ve collected the balance on another card, just get back in touch with us and we’ll happily unblock it for you – this may take up to 24 hours to update in the system. 

If you haven’t registered your Snapper yet, register it now. It only takes two minutes and keeps your Snapper safer than cash.