Young Adult Connect concessions (19-24)

An image of a red Snapper card

Passengers aged 19 to 24 (inclusive) travelling on Metlink services, are eligible for a Young Adult Connect concession, which offers a 50% discount on standard adult fares. This concession can be added to a Snapper card to automatically be charged the correct fare when tagging on and off.

This concession is not available on independent commercial services, or Metlink on demand services. For fares and discounts on these services, please contact your service provider.

In order to access this concession, the cardholder must:

  1. Be aged between 19 and 24 (inclusive)
  2. Have a red (adult) Snapper card
  3. Apply via the below link to load the concession on to the card. Discounted fares will take effect from September 1st.


This concession will expire annually on the cardholder’s birthday, and can be added back onto the card at that point by repeating the steps above. If the card is registered, an email will be sent to the registration email with a reminder when the expiry date is approaching.

More details can be found on this concession by visiting the Concessions section in our FAQs.