Snapper News Been overcharged on the bus? We’ve got you covered

Been overcharged on the bus? We’ve got you covered

Tried to tag off on the bus but couldn’t? Snapper has you sorted!

Every day around 30,000 people tag on and off the bus with their Snapper card, but occasionally things don’t quite go as planned.   

Sometimes circumstances outside of your control mean you can’t tag off, often in these cases, you’ll hear “please tag on at the front” or “fare already paid”.  

Now you don’t need to worry! As of November 12th 2018, we issue proactive refunds of penalties where a customer has tried to tag off the bus but has not been able to, so you don’t need to worry about getting in touch with us to request a refund.  

These refunds will be processed in 2 working days from the time the tag off attempt was made, and once collected will appear in your transaction history.  

If you think you’ve been unfairly penalized but have not received your refund in 2 working days, please check out the below ways to get in touch with us.   

Please remember, these refunds are only applied under circumstances where customers have tried to tag off but haven’t been able to. You still need to tag off each time you get off the bus. Failing to do so will result in a penalty charge of an end of the line fare without the Snapper discount.

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