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More about travel passes

A Snapper card has three “slots” inside it where passes are stored. This means you can have a maximum of three passes on your Snapper. Two of the slots are reserved for storing bus passes and the final slot is designed for a cable car pass.

The first slot stores your active bus pass: this is the pass you are currently using to travel on a particular bus service. You can only have one active bus pass at a time. The second slot on your Snapper card stores an inactive bus pass. When you use up your active pass it gets deleted off your Snapper card and your remaining pass moves up into the active slot, leaving the second slot free again.

NOTE: If you have both of the two bus pass slots full and try to buy a third bus pass you will be notified that you have already reached the maximum bus pass limit. You will need to wait until your active bus pass either expires or runs out of trips before you can buy an additional pass. Please [contact our customer services team for further help] if required.

The third slot on your Snapper card is designed to store cable car multi-trip passes. Cable car passes are always based on the number of trips rather than a start and finish date: this means they’re always active and only run out when you’ve used up all the trips. If you buy additional multi-trip cable car passes your Snapper card will add them on to your overall cable car trip balance. For example – if you had three trips left from a ten trip pass, then bought another 10 trip pass, your Snapper card would show you as having 13 trips available.