Snapper News MySnapper end of life February 15 2021

MySnapper end of life February 15 2021

Unfortunately, changes in the technology that the MySnapper application is built on means we can no longer guarantee the security the platform and, as such, from February 15 2021 it will no longer be available.  

We want to stress again that we do not take lightly the inconvenience that this may cause for some and, to the best of our ability, we remain committed to ensuring you have a smooth and easy transition to the other options Snapper provides.  

Alternative top up options Snapper has several channels available enabling you to top-up or check a card balance, collect pending items, and view your transaction history:

  • Snapper iOS app – available on iPhone 7/iOS 13 and above. 
  • Snapper Android app – available on NFC compatible Android smartphones. 
  • Snapper kiosk – check out our Snapper kiosk locations page for a self-service kiosk near you. Please note you cannot view your transaction history on a Snapper kiosk. 
  • Snapper retailer – check out our Snapper retailer locations page for a retailer near you.